A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The Game Design I final project. As the last surviving automata, you make a last-ditch attempt and wreak havoc on the enemy's battalions. Each battalion is stronger than the last. Will you be able to endure the enemy?

 // Controls //

A (Left) and D (Right) for Movement // Space to Jump

Enter (Return) to Attack // P to Dash

R to activate Enrage Timer (every time you hit an enemy with a normal attack, you charge this bar)

// Credits //

For the game's soundtracks, I used royalty-free music from:


... and there's an OST rip from PMD2 Steam Cave.

All sound effects are made from Chiptune from itch.io.

All spritework is done by hand.


EndlessMachination - Windows.zip 28 MB
EndlessMachination - Mac.zip 36 MB

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